Organization’s mission.
Remar Association (Hong Kong) Ltd. is Christian charity organization working for the rehabilitation and reinsertion into society of drug addicts, alcoholics, down and outs the homeless and the needy in general.

Remar’s objectives are to provide a long term rehabilitation program that offers those in need, a new and better way of life.
Core service.
Remar Hong Kong has a home for 25 people located at Pat Heung, where it cares for, feeds, clothes, accommodates and helps free of charge, keeping the doors open 24 hours, with immediate admission.
Remar Association (Hong Kong) Ltd. 是一所基督教慈善組織,致力於為社會中有需要人士,例如濫藥、酗酒、抑鬱及無家可歸等人士,提供一系列復康及援助服務。